Dry Shampoo Revitalizing CoQ10


Algemarina Dry Shampoo Revitalizing CoQ10
Algemarina Dry Shampoo Revitalizing CoQ10

Reduces the appearance of aging hair. Root penetrating formula. Fortifies and Strengthens hair.

An easy-to-use formula that is perfect for frequent use to clean hair without water. Ideal for people in a hurry, or anyone who cannot shower but still desires a thorough hair cleaning

So how does it work ? When sprayed directly onto hair, Algemarin penetrates the hair absorbing dirt and hair products. When brushed out, Algemarin takes all these impurities with it, and you are left with soft, clean hair. All without even having to hop in the shower! This product is an Algemarin fan-favorite.

Product Features
  • Brand new, attractive packaging.
  • Shampoo spray for all types of hair .
  • Helps clean your hair quickly without water!
  • Country of origin: Germany